Create a Custom Landscape Design in Grove Hill, Thomasville & Jackson, AL

Find out how we can design an attractive landscape for you

When you want a new landscape design, collaborate with Odom's Pressure Washing & Landscaping Services LLC of Thomasville, AL. We offer partial and total landscape designs in Thomasville, Mobile, Tuscaloosa and Montgomery. Call 352-812-6632 today to consult our design crew.

4 things to discuss with our design team

4 things to discuss with our design team

When we get to work on your landscape design, we'll ask for some information to help us create a design you'll love.

Make sure to talk about your:

  1. Overall style: Tell us about your general style, goals or inspiration.
  2. Must-have landscaping features: Let us know what you absolutely need us to include in your landscape design.
  3. Hardscaping features: Tell us whether you need things like retaining walls or patios, so we can plan hardscape installation work. We can provide hardscape installation services during your landscape installation work.
  4. Focal points: Discuss the parts of your property that you want to highlight.
  5. Maintenance: Let us know how much maintenance you're prepared for. We can cover the rest of the work through our landscape maintenance services.

We'll use these things to craft a design that suits your style, desired features, focal points and maintenance needs precisely.